• Torg & Industry Platform is an international portal which is used for establishing commercial international relations between sales agents, producers and suppliers located around the world. This is a database of sales agents and a tool designed for support to producers and suppliers on searching new sales agents and vice versa.
  • If you are looking for sales agents for selling and (or) distributing your products or services, use torg & industrial platform because it is a distribution one! Through a qualified choice according to industry sectors, a variety of products and services, you can find specialists in these areas. In addition, you can sort your offer according to the database of sales agents by distribution territory that will focus searches significantly.
  • Register on our portal, post your sales job and then sales agents will get your offer from our database by email as well as our experts will place your offer in the official groups of the most famous social networks, such as: facebook, vkontakte, odnoklassniki, twitter, linkedin.
  • There are 3 simple steps to place a sales job, they will determine the profile of your company and help to find the right sales agent in any city or country based on the information in the CV (work experience, education, knowledge of languages, area of operations, field of activity, availability of a car etc.)

    After placement a sales job and payment, the information will be checked by our administrator. When the administrator confirms the correctness of filling of the brief and the payment, your offer will be active and visible during 3 months on the portal and it will webcast in our groups in such social networks as facebook, twitter, vkontakte,odnoklassniki once a week.